Does anyone else have "safety seeking" OCD? Basically in my childhood I couldn't protect my siblings or myself from severe abuse, so as an adult I am very ocd protective of my kids and I have obsessive thoughts about bad things happening to my kids and other people. So I try so hard to keep everyone safe. Just taking my kids to the park is so HARD. I'm so afraid they are going to get hurt like break a bone or something. I feel like I'm constantly holding my breath.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Vakara


    I'm sorry I cannot help you with this but I do want to say I am so sorry you were going through this I can't even imagine. God bless you!

  • ProfessorPlum


    My brother and I both have OCD, he has obsessive thought about bad things happening to his family.

  • MommaBear6


    I'm like that with my kids too. My husband often says, "they are either going to do it with you here or you not here, which would you prefer?" And I know he isn't trying to be mean, he is trying to help me. He knows how fast and how much I spiral with negative thoughts. There are times when I don't want anyone to leave the house not even to the yard. Those are real hard days but thankfully haven't had many of those lately

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