Does anyone else get overheated more easily than those around you?

…I at first thought it was related to my weight but a few other people I work with are heavier than I am and don’t seem to have these same issues. I work at a pizza place with 800+ degree ovens (Fahrenheit), AC that barely works, and recent high 90s temperatures.

Obviously that would make most people sweaty but I feel like I have a stronger reaction to the heat. Today it was the worst it has been. I often get slightly blurred vision, feel light-headed, and get a headache (though I generally get a lot of headaches anyway). Today I also felt nauseous and had some stomach pain.

I drink tons of water but it doesn’t seem to do much aside from make me not thirsty.

My dad was working today and could tell I felt bad so he let me take a break in the walk-in fridge. I IMMEDIATELY felt better in the cool and felt pretty awful again after a few minutes in the heat.


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Chronic Headache

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  • CDog


    Update: it was definitely iron deficiency related 😭

  • Kittypop


    I'll have to get more iron in my diet (cause I know my levels aren't low enough to take supplements), but I overheat quite easily as well. I'm just always more comfortable being cool or cold haha

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