hi! i’ve been dealing with post concussive headaches since late october and they’re beginning to get unbearable. i was prescribed amitriptyline in march and that helped for a month or two, but now they’re beginning to work back up to daily occurrences. does anyone have anything that’s helped them?

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    First of all, I’m SO glad you found this community and know to ask questions. I struggled with post concussion headaches for 4 full years before I finally realized there were ways to get help! In my case, none of the migraine medications worked (they all gave in insane brain fog). Instead, what’s literally changed my life is a type of physical therapy called counterstrain. What they do is retrain your muscles through manual manipulations to improve blood flow. If you can’t find a counterstrain person near you, I’ve found some good benefits (although not as dramatic) from craniosacral and brain therapy massage. Another thing to check out is a chiropractor. Sometimes head impact can throw your spine out of alignment, which means you’re constantly triggering new headaches because your body is trying to compensate to keep everything balanced. I personally prefer NUCCA chiropractic because I never feel like someone is trying to unscrew my head from my spine. :) Finally, I’m not sure if screens are a trigger for you, but they’re a huge trigger for me. Limiting screen time, getting blue light glasses, and downloading apps to adjust my screen settings to significantly reduce blue light/brightness has made an enormous difference.

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