my boyfriend gets so frustrated because he feels like there is always something wrong with me and that its too hard to keep me happy.. but he is my comfort and the only person i ever talk to and i dont want to drive him away.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • sleepynoodle


    The more I educated my boyfriend, the easier things got for both of us. I explained all my symptoms and things that trigger me. I also started taking responsibility for my symptoms. So, if I had some sort of outburst, after the fact I would tell him I'm sorry and that it was inappropriate/ he didn't deserve it. I'd explain how what led me to react the way that I did and how I planned to prevent myself from reacting like that in the future. I also vowed to go to therapy at least once per month and work on it. The cool thing about BPD is therapy can actually get you to a point where you no longer meet the diagnostic criteria for BPD anymore

    • CHCl3


      i wish my boyfriend was as understanding as yours :(

      • sleepynoodle


        It's definitely tough for people to understand especially if they've never struggled with mental health issues. Hopefully, he's willing to try and learn more about the condition and be supportive 🤗

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