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so, I woke up early this morning. interrupting a dream I was having wear I had a panic attack in front of somebody and went to the bathroom. and they asked what I was doing and realized I was crying and then I woke up before they could comfort me and I got really upset. I thought I was gonna cry and have a panic attack because it made me remember that I've never been held before and I know it's weird but I want to know if anybody else just really wants to be held during panic attacks?


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  • PillowMan


    Hi I often have panic attacks in my sleep. I’ve never heard of others having them. Was this the first or do you have them often? I can’t say that any of them made feel stronger need to be held than normal. I’m married and I always want more hugs than my wife. But it certainly seems like a normal response to me, but what do I know? I hope you can find relief. Hang in there.

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