What symptoms will indicate that my condition is progressing?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • SadWitch


    Different for everyone. When my anxiety spikes, i can't sit still but i also can't actually do anything. I also get very flighty and lose focus. I get overwhelmed over and over again and struggle to calm down

  • Porkbun


    I think it can be different for different people. For me I went to having panic attacks rarely to having them every night or a few times everyday.

  • Crystal_Rose


    When you can physically feel the wake cover you as you start to panic, sometimes you start to dissociate or experience derealization, or when it turns to constant paranoia.

  • Dame


    For me, I feel a wave of fear rush over me and start feeling physical symptoms (pounding heart, cold sweat, inability to concentrate or use logical thinking, etc.). And it’s not always the same each time, just highly dependent on the situation at hand and my general well-being at the time.

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