Is it always my fault cause I'm bipolar? I feel like I'm not capable of telling if someone is actually horrible. I also feel like I am an easy target for abusive people. I can't tell truth from delusion. and another question, you always read of the outrageous delusions like "I'm the queen" but what else does it look like? the more subtle ones? and anyone ever wonder how others feel "high" with mania? I just get extreme rage...


Bipolar Disorder

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  • Lucyy



  • Metra


    I have days, sometimes weeks when all my emotions feel extremely heightened and everything feels like a really big deal and i overreact to everything. And no everything isn't your fault. I always felt like that growing up, still feel that way sometimes because of my parents and other family members being terrible. Having a partner that's patient and kind and helped me see the difference a lot in what's really my fault and what isn't.

  • Lucyy


    I've resonated with everything that's been said in this thread I just need to see a Dr and get officially diagnosed so I know for fact this isn't me I know I can be a better

  • TempestFuryMaiden


    I appreciate all of your replies. It has helped a lot!

  • bouncyroo11


    I was like this I was a people pleaser and fell into narcissistic traps... You'll learn you always do and I'm sure you have. I get more angry and sad than high.

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