anybody neglect to take supplement for months, years? complications?

Complications of Bariatric Procedures


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  • ladybug58


    Yes I had my open RYN in 1999. I have kept the weight off. Once I got to a weight I was happy with. But I find I have a lot of vitamin deficiencies. B12 D3 and others. I can't seem to keep the vitamins in my. And it is causing problems.

  • Asaid


    Yea I've been having a myriad of complications, I believe partially related to "forgetting to take" my bariatric vitamins for about a year. Pain suckkkkks.....

  • emilyeww


    Right after surgery I began school and working at the same time. Being so on-the-go made it really difficult to maintain a good schedule for my meds/vitamins/supplements. It was pretty inconsistent until I got full time work, but still not perfect. Now that I’m strictly working from home it’s amazing to have everything I need right on hand and in front of me. I’ve gotten nearly perfect with my pills, but now have to get monthly B12 injections. Luckily those don’t hurt as much as B1 infections. I don’t recommend that experience for anyone.

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