What is your favorite strategy?

Dermatitis factitia

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  • solarflare


    wearing gloves or clothes helps a lot as a lot of it is subconscious i also like keeping my hands busy (especially at night as that’s when i usually pick)

  • meredithg


    hydrocolloid acne patches. it’s the only way i can get my skin somewhat clear. they’re a little expensive though, but they work!

  • Caitlin


    Yes those hydro whatever bandaids are amazing !!

  • Pilizard


    Knitting has been really helpful

  • Dillybop


    I’ve found cheap versions of hydro whatever band aids at Walmart that work just as good! The only thing that keeps me from picking my feet is not letting them get dry EVER. Just drench them in lotion and Vaseline and put socks on and keep them on. Then they’re all soft no dry skin to pick at! 👍🏾

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