I think this is the most depressed/low I’ve been since high school. My parents are separating after 45 years of marriage. All though I’m proud of my mom, it still hurts. I feel like my whole childhood was a lie now that I’m finding things out I never knew. I’ve suffered from disordered eating tendencies since middle school but from all the stress currently, I’m eating one meal a day and usually not even finishing it. Some days I don’t even eat a meal and will just drink liquids or small snacks if I have to when my blood sugar goes low as well as usually taking a daily laxative. I’ve never been in a hole that feels the deep. I haven’t taken my Prozac in at least 5 months because it was not doing anything for me. I’ve been on Zoloft (maxed out dosage) Prozac two different times, and also Effexor (which I hated). Dr’s did have me on Abilify and Prozac together at one point & I felt the Abilify did help some but I haven’t had a prescription for that I’m probably a year. Any recommendations for antidepressants/anxiety meds that have really helped you?

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  • lora53


    I was just put on Wellbutrin and it's helping

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