My pain doctor has kept me on meloxicam for over 3 years now and I’ve been having extreme pain, but we literally get one appointment a year. He tells me to exercise more and get in the sun more, try more physical therapy and doesn’t help, but he’s the only doctor in my state, and I still have ~4 1/2 months until i turn 18 & age out. I try to exercise as much as I can and get in the sun. I have a bit a trouble breathing if I’m moving too fast or if I’m overheated and/or in pain. I have an inhaler as well. Considering the sun, my body has a reaaaallly hard time regulating temperature and i get this sort of heat rash, like firey itchy red skin all over my legs, arms, my whole torso & my forehead. It takes extremely long for it to go away even when I’m wearing the proper clothes for the weather & still sweating horribly. I run around at work I’m not extremely fast but I do have stamina and a good work ethic. I’m not by any means inactive. I walk in school & up stairs multiple times a day although i do have an elevator pass which helps me go up 2 floors since it’s a school in the middle of the city & has a lot of stairs & quite a few large landings/walking spaces thatre a bit spread out & groups of kids standing in the way during a pandemic. 😭 lately my back pain is getting worse and worse every single day and my mom still tells me I need to move more, but genuinely sometimes it really doesn’t help but sitting does hurt as well, i cant find a comfortable way to work lately, my back is genuinely hurting me so badly. I’m at a loss for what to do and they make me feel crazy🥲

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  • Lolita


    I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. Although exercising is a good solution for reducing fibro symptoms, I hate it too and sometimes I just can’t find the power to get myself to the Gym/park.

  • Pleiades_Blanket


    your definitely not crazy!! I had the same experience in school with chronic pain. My best advice is to give yourself some grace. Exercise is a good suggestion but it doesn’t always help people :/ I understand the frustration, has your doctor recommended any switches in medication? I used to be on Meloxicam too and for me it didn’t give any relief and switching to Lyrica (pregabalin) helped at least a little. I also understand the back pain, heat compresses and epsom salt baths have been a life saver for me when it comes to that. Also Voltarin gel can help with that a lot if you stay on a schedule about applying it. Sending you hugs!!

  • BirdNerd


    From what I have read about our condition, as well as my personal experience with it, I find that there is a "goldilocks zone" when it comes to movement and exercise. Too little and too much both cause pain. Have you considered that maybe you are actually moving too much and causing your fibro to flare? It's just a consideration. 😊

  • Natalieisameme


    If they have not done blood work in a few months try asking again because you are flaring. Also getting an X-ray of the spine wouldn’t be unwarranted. You could be showing symptoms of many other diseases that relate to pain (that there are many that fit your symptoms).

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