So I recently got into a problem w/ my family. I was FaceTime timing some female coworkers Tuesday while folding laundry, that my sister asked me to do. She had been home all day is 18 and doesn’t have a job, I came home from an 8hr shift, they asked who was they their with me and I said my sister pointing the camera telling her to say hi, she said don’t show me, I said ok. Three hours later it turns into I was forcing her onto a camera to 30 y/o men, I get awoken from a nap w/ my younger brother yelling at me and saying I’ve crossed a line and that he doesn’t need pervs looking at her. Today I come home from a date and my mom says I owe her an apology. All of this caused me so much anxiety, I called my hospitals psychiatrist hotline to talk to a therapist for 10mins bc I had a mental break down and now I OWE my sister an apology.

I’ve been told before and was told Tuesday I’m being psychologically abused, due to yelling, no one wanting to hear my side of the story and me basically panicking from all of this. Am I over reacting? Am I being psychologically abused? I truly don’t want to believe it, my whole family needs therapy but outside of my mom im the only one who consistently goes. I told my boyfriend, he made good point but it frustrates me, just lie and apologize to make peace.

But now what? I can’t FaceTime anyone, I feel like im being pushed into my room to become a recluse in my own home. Any advice?? If anyone says move out I’ve saving up, almost at my goal.

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