hi, i guess this may be kind of a vent. I am so frustrated and tired of my own brain. I am just constantly fucking thinking and my mind will not stop. It isnt always even about bad things, it just feels like my brain is obsessed with everything. like every detail all the time. Right now I have so much to deal with because it is finals week and executive dysfunction is kicking my ass, but it makes me so mad that I can think so much but my brain goes blank when I am trying to do productive important things. I am also very frustrated that I am not able to understand my own feelings or explain them to others. I am glad I learned this is a common ASD trait, because it put words to the struggle but it is still really frustrating. And with all of my thinking I am constantly doubting everything ever. Like what If I am not actually feeling bad what if I am just making all this up, etc. which obviously isnt true. if you read any of this thank you, and if you relate to any of this pls let me know I like hearing i am not alone

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  • Zenon


    You are definitely not alone!! I feel like my brain is firing on all cylinders like all the time, except when I have to get something done, like a work assignment, it feels like an insurmountable obstacle and sending one email that should’ve taken 5 minutes takes two hours. Instead I fixate and can’t stop thinking about things that I really don’t need to be expending energy on. All I can really say is you’re not making up how you feel, your pain and the issues you’re navigating are real and being in school/doing finals while feeling so shitty is exhausting and isolating. It makes all the sense you’re feeling this way! I’m rooting for you 💕

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  • inthe


    I overthink also. It's just how we tick. Learn to harvest your persona. Fight the demons though and kick them out. Your creativity is struggling to impress you. Overwhelmed with thought can be a good thing. Atleast you aren't passively a sheep. You just need more wins. Maybe I don't know but sounds about right to me.

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