So I just got diagnosed. Will be going gluten free this week. Going to take time to prepare and stock new food items. Lay on me anything I should eat before then so I don’t miss it and anything I need to know folks

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  • HeyReese


    Beignets, fry bread, naan, ritz crackers, imitation crab, any tempura sushi or sushi with eel sauce, fried whatever (I’m from the South and I would go straight to NOLA if I were ever allowed to eat gluten again). Your favorite italian place, brickoven pizza… I could go on and on

  • Sweetrae83


    No wheat, barely, rye. It sucks because I have to cook two dinners daily. One normal one for my family and a gluten free for me. If I have any gluten it eats my joints, lowers my iron n thyroid levels and eats up my small intestines and causing my body to itch really bad. And diarrhea also. It also stops my body from absorbing iron which I have to get iron infusions. It's so hard not to eat gluten and I was shocked on how much gluten is on foods, drinks, and health products no nsaids medicine it has gluten in it. I could only take Tylenol.

    • Sweetrae83


      In foods I meant.

  • Pidgeon


    Some brands I recommend that are gluten free and really good: Udis, Glutino, Bobs Red Mill, Schar,Canyon bakehouse, and that’s all I have only because those are the ones I use. I hope this kinda helps!!

  • Raven_Rose


    Siete has a grain-free taco shell that is absolutely amazing! Schar, Udi and Glutino are great brands to start with, I’ve also heard good things about the gluten free bread at Trader Joe’s. Hope this helps 😊 P.S. you have to be sooooo careful at restaurants, they advertise gluten sensitive but that’s not safe for Celiacs. Culver’s has a decent gluten free burger and many places offer a lettuce wrap instead of a bun.

    • Pidgeon


      yes!! This!! (The restaurant thing) celiac and gluten sensitivity are two different things so be sure to ask if something is specifically celiac friendly <3

  • PandaCaptain


    Any kind of seafood craft beer. Everything else is easily replaced! Lol

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