hello! i’ve been struggling with anxiety i feel like always, but have been diagnosed since i was 12 or 13. it’s started causing a plethora of weird physical symptoms that are confusing to me, so i wanted to find other people who might get it. i look forward to communicating :-)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Oliloos


    Hi! I've been dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember, 8 maybe, and was diagnosed at 15. Would you mind talking about it?

  • GabriellaLuvsU


    Hello! I’ve also been experiencing anxiety. It is the reason I have an eating disorder. Whenever I have anxiety I get dizzy and feel like my mouth is numb or my body goes numb. It’s hard to overcome and I still haven’t been able to overcome it but if you need anyone to talk to. I can be here for you.

  • Cyno


    Hey! I first experienced symptoms of it around 7 years old but received a diagnosis at 16! It started as excessive itching when I was in an uncomfortable situation so I had assumed it was just allergies! I’ve also gotten all sorts of medical issues and it turned out to be my mental health. I’m down to talk and be there for you!

  • Dromeda


    Hi! I have anxiety too, I was diagnosed at 14 or so. It's part of what led me to study psychology. One thing I have learned that helped me be more at ease with my anxiety is that our feelings tend to be very physical. Anxiety presents like stress can. And so it can effect all of our body's systems. Digestive, cardiovascular, muscular, etc. So physical symptoms are both common and expected. I know when my anxiety gets bad, I can't sit still, I twitch.

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