I really want to make myself start an elimination diet. Or at least cut out the most known trigger foods. What do you know/think are your triggers? And what’s a widely known trigger that you think doesn’t affect you?

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  • 100Percent_K


    Citrus, carbonation, alcohol, and sugar seem to be the top one that bother people. All of them bother my bladder

  • Cert


    Same here. I haven't had a soda in a while so I said I have one and that was a terrible decision. I don't even touch alcohol. I didn't know sweets would trigger it. That explains a lot lol.

  • Fayra


    For me the acidic stuff tomato, chocolate, coffee etc but also high histamine things are triggers in large amounts… everyone is different though and it varies over time. Some years I’m fine with chocolate and other years I’m not. I have pain still even with elimination diet but not urgency.

  • Belugabear


    Tea ended up being my biggest culprit! And citrus. But I’ve been using prelief, it’s amazing!!! I can eat whatever I want when I take it, my doctor recommended it. Highly recommend that, and aloe Vera tablets! I know you didn’t ask for recommendations but I get so excited it’s hard not to share :) i rarely have any IC pain anymore!

    • Fayra


      that’s wonderful. I’m happy for you. Aloe helped me reduce my pain significantly and I use prelief too but it doesn’t eliminate my pain that way. I haven’t been able to identify significant food triggers sadly.

  • Rosepool


    My triggers are being sick , stressed, anything acidic or carbonated, anything with many preservatives or super salty ! Coffee is the worst for me

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