Does anyone have suggestions for gas during a Ulcerative Colitis flare-up? I tried taking a Gas-X tablet and it caused immense pain instead. Just need something to help the gas escape so I can be more comfortable

Ulcerative Colitis (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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    Gas-X has always been very effective for me; it works by glueing all of the small gas bubbles into a large gas bubble that you can pass all at once. Maybe the discomfort you felt was the gathering of gas into one large bubble? It might be helpful to pair it with some IBGuard (peppermint caplets) or FDGuard (caraway and menthol), or something similar, which can relax your intestines at the same time, allowing you to comfortably pass the gas bubble. Works well for me!

  • mollybircham


    My doctor gave me peppermint oil when I couldn’t pass gas in the hospital- worked a dream!

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