i know it’s common for people with depression to sleep a lot, but sometimes i feel like going to sleep makes me more sad? like all i want to do is sleep so it all goes away.. but i also don’t want to sleep at the same time? is this something others can relate to?



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  • momentarily_stuck


    Yes! I used to sleep 14-17 hours a day just because i was so depressed and sad, the only thing that got me staying awake and a little less sad is my pets- i got reptiles so its lower energy level but still lots of care and quality time.

  • Rasin


    yeah i used to sleep all day wake for a few hours then go right back to sleep. what helps is setting up a schedule it sucks but it helps build some routine so you’re not in your bed all the tome



    Hell yeah. I catch myself sleeping 16-17 hours just because i can't think of a good enough reason to get out of bed. Then I feel like a terrible person because I slept all day. It makes me sad and i just want to sleep. Vicious cycle. I've found that creating small things to look forward to throughout your day can help you make meaning in it. Like planning a walk in the am.

  • Ashera


    I sometimes get anxious about sleeping because it makes me sad. It's weird how feelings can be controlled by depression. It makes you wonder why a lot. It's kinda funny the loop hole that's made when you feel like sleeping is the best and worst thing to do it the moment. I like doing yoga, or trying on all my clothes. It's silly but, it helps my anxiety and depression relax a bit.

  • She_She_Kay


    I can relate ✋ All I ever want to do is sleep. But I have my 80 yr old mom to take care of and I feel really guilty if I sleep all day.

  • crawlycube


    When my depression was at its worst, staying in bed was comforting. Sleeping meant I didn’t have to deal with rejection, being social, it meant I didn’t have to try. I got to spend time away from reality. But I realized I was missing out on life. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly I started to reintegrate things I loved back into my life. I did my makeup every day and made sure I didn’t miss a day. I invited a close friend over to watch a new show. I picked up an easy hobby. I tried to not refuse invitations to hang out, knowing I would eventually start having a good time. It takes time. Be patient with yourself, realize your progress, and set attainable goals ❤️

  • texhexx


    I sleep 12-20 hours a day so I feel you :(

  • Quinee


    I can really relate! According to what my psychologist once told me - sleep is a place of refuge to escape from our emotions ... but it does not get us anywhere.

  • alcane


    Ive slept for whole days at a time even when it makes me feel terrible emotionally. I feel like even though sleeping more makes me feel self conscious and more alone, sometimes I can't bother to do other stuff or it's better than the alternative. I usually spend time with my dogs when it happens, it really gets you up and moving.

  • DarkenedDoll


    Honestly I get super bored and just go to sleep. I end up waking with a headache and feeling worse.

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