I just started the Concerta today (note I am also on a Birth Control pill I couldn’t find in the system) and I’m wondering how much it has helped other and what I can expect :)



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  • Sharla


    I’m on Concerta for about half a year. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I feel very driven and somewhat calmer.

  • Cuckoo_Clock


    I’ve been on Concerta for 7 years now. It’s really helped me focus and become a lot calmer. But be careful. One side effect is loss of appetite. Because of this I never really felt the need to eat and I was never able to gain weight. I gained body dysmorphia but I’m crawling out of it. TW!!!! Another HUGE side effect is suicidal thoughts. While for me, the don’t happen too often, they still happen and everyone is different. But this medication has really helped me excel in school and I really really hope it works out for you. :>

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