I’m not entirely sure how to feel about a relationship I had in high school. I was 16 years old and the boy was 19. Would you consider that age difference to be weird as he’s considered an adult and I was a teen or is that something that isn’t a big deal since it was a 3 year difference?


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  • Wolfy96


    It depends what state that you live in. Some states have a 2 year limit where some have a Romeo and Juliette Law.

  • HyenaClan


    Well three years isn’t that big a difference and at 19 most guys aren’t that much more mature than they were at 18 or even 17. But what really matters is how you feel about it. What makes you hesitant about this relationship?

  • roberri


    it honestly depends on your own maturity at that age; it’s an awkward age difference when you’re still a minor, legally i believe it’s okay in most states. however, if you felt it was an uneven dynamic then you have every right to be uncomfy with that. imo it can be weird, but some 16 y/os can come off more mature. if he was the immature one, that’s something to be worried about. at least that’s what i think, but you can take that with a grain of salt

  • ChristineD


    Well, I do feel that only 3 year diff is one thing if he wasn't an adult and you were under aged. If u were both over 18, that be diff. I do feel a lot of men do go after younger girls. It's not your fault. Why are u thinking about this point in ur life if this was the past? Does this relationship bother u?

  • wise


    the teenage years are different for everyone. I had 18+ guys drooling over me when I was 13/14 because I was ACTUALLY mature for my age, to the point where these people that were hitting on me thought I was also 18/19. I probably would've been fine in a relationship with the average 18 year old boy, mostly because men tend to be a little behind women in physical and emotional maturity (which makes sense since boys start puberty two to five years after girls do). I can't say the same for my best friend at the time, who was my age and DID date boys that were definitely too old for her and taking advantage of her naïvety. it just depends on how comfortable you are in the relationship (but be prepared for every single person on social media to call your partner a p*do if you have so much as a two year age gap 🙄). is there a particular reason you're having these feelings about the relationship now?

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