anyone have any tips to get back up on your feet after losing everything? specific I know but I've recently lost my job my house and on track to lose my vehicle etc. depression won't let me try my hardest? if that makes sense?


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  • Rhylin


    Man, I feel like you just described my life. I'm living in a motel, lost my job, and because I don't have a job I am getting behind on my car payments and may lose it too. I've been super depressed as well. I've mostly been trying to do anything I can. I did door dash for a bit, but my husband just got a job and is using the car now for that, so I feel so stuck.

  • Dave94


    I'm sorry to hear that! I can't really door dash unfortunately because the gas cost wouldn't really be worth it. We're both trying our best. I'm sure things will be looking up for you!!

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