hi guys! so i recently realized i have adhd and told my mom and if i have it she has it lol. but i’m also realizing that i relate to things in autism as well. I’ve felt like a hypochondriac taking all of these thing and applying them to me but it honestly makes so much sense. i told my mom that i think i’m autistic too and she basically told me i was a hypochondriac so that’s great.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • chandler


    definitely get diagnosed if you think you have something!

  • IsAnythingReal


    !!! I also have diagnosed ADHD and have been suuuuper questioning whether or not I’m on the autism spectrum as well. So many symptoms overlap so it’s really difficult to sort them out yourself, but you should totally talk to a psychologist if you’re comfortable. I was nervous to bring up autism to my doctors bc I was afraid they’d pin me as a hypochondriac but they were super receptive and didn’t make me feel dumb or any of the things I was scared of (,:

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