Does anyone deal with severe arm pain? like my arms feel like they are being squeezed to the point I want to cry. I've been to the ER over it before about 2 years ago, I was given steroids. When the doctor took my radial pulse I bawled my eyes out. I later found out he marked me as a drug seeker.
The steroids never helped 😒. The pain in my arms can be crippling. All blood work and scans come back normal.
All of my other doctors chalked it up to fibromyalgia but I have no relief for it. Does anyone else experience this symptom? What do you do for it? What have your doctors or even you considered it to be?

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  • WitchWoman


    Try acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

  • WitchWoman


    Also CBD oil

  • pollyanna68


    I had cervical stenosis (neck), my arms hurt awful. Neurosurgeon said bone spurs were poking into my spinal cord. Had surgery to fix it. No arm pain

  • CannabisAndChiari


    Omg yes this is one of my most frustrating symptoms. For me typically it seems to stem from my neck or the tight muscles in my upper back and shoulders. There's a spot on my back, right behind/ below my arm pit that I can dig into with my theracane or lacrosse ball that replicates the intense squeezing pain down my whole arm. When I go through the pain to loosen up that right spot, it gives me relief of that awful pain. I learned this though my incredible physical therapist who I've followed to 3 different clinics cuz its do rare to have a dr that cares, educates you and actually helps! He also does cupping on that spot and around my upper scap that help release that pain. I chalk it up to fibro pain, but I'm newly diagnosed and still learning so much. I also have Chiari Malformation which can cause widespread pain so it's always a guessing game. Hang in there!

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