I'm afraid to take Strattera(Atomoxetine) with my Lexapro(Escitolopram) because i read it can cause heart issues... How are you guys doing on both? I'm a little scared.



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  • Katvz._


    its good, there are side affects for me but they arent deadly

  • kaylaaestrella


    Hey! been on both for about over two years and haven’t had any heart issues so far, i don’t recommend taking either on an empty stomach, it made me super super nauseous. If you’re a night person take the lexapro at night, it’ll knock you right back out if you take it in the morning. my first day on lexapro made me think my depression was gone 100% my mood was lifted not long after. became super extroverted and super energetic but as your body gets used to the lexapro it’ll calm down, i’ve heard from other people that it makes them feel sluggish so I guess it depends. With strattera my focus became more and more prominent and by the second week on it i was doing a lot better in school with minor panic attacks every now and then (but i also smoke so that could’ve been a contributing factor to it). sorry for making this so long but i hope it helps💕

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