hi, I'm Lilithann and Im new to this. lately my anxiety/panic attacks have been controlling my life. I've been doing my regular stuff to help with my anxiety like always take my meds on time, meditation plus music and also talk to my husband. any other ideas I could do. thanks so very much.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • ToniD


    Deep box breathing seems to talk me down when I feel an anxiety attack. You just put both hands on your stomach while laying down and just move your hands in a slow motion over you stomach in a a square. Each corner your tell yourself your ok. You're safe and your can handle anything that is thrown your way. You are stronger then you know. I wish you luck in finding what herod Helps you.

  • calexx


    Run your hands under some cool water, maybe splash your face a bit. Breathe. Stop & name 3 things you can feel, smell, taste, & see. 💕

  • Lcscamille79


    I normally take deep breathes and make sure I am actually taking into account what is real around me. What can I see? What do I hear, what do I smell, what can I feel. 💕

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