GUYS existential OCD is killing me. i’m so tired of being convinced nothings real and the people around me are fake. derealization makes it 10 times worse. i’m so scared it’s psychosis. cause i actually get convinced sometimes but there’s that little part of me that knows it is real. what do i do. does anyone else struggle with existential OCD. this is the worst theme i’ve had.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Pinco


    woah, that sounds *awful.* i've never had existential ocd as far as im aware (tho i have had very severe superstition ocd which was very distressing too), but it sounds so hard to deal with. i did experience derealization/dissociation for a long time, idk if i still feel it or not. anyway, about things that could help, have you tried doing exposure response therapy for your existential ocd?

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