I can’t really drink caffeine due to other health concerns. What do you use to try to boost your energy levels?



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  • TheDreamingKind


    I drink hot chocolate with breakfast essentials in it

  • dogdad13


    I usually have more energy if I eat something in the morning, but besides that just having consistent time frames in which you wake up and fall asleep in. Setting a specific bedtime and waketime was super stressful for me to keep up with, so I usually try to go to bed between 1-3am and wake up between 10am-12pm depending on if I have work or not since I work afternoon-evening

  • Messymexi


    Usually I take naps for energy but I realize not everyone has the luxury. For caffeine, I need it every day or have a headache but sometimes I throw up my energy drinks cause my stomach can't handle it so I usually take an Excedrin

  • Heather123


    Water and sugar for me. But often my low energy is caused by low blood sugar.

  • moonlitforest


    Recently my Gf and i have been trying matcha tea as a replacement for coffee, it wakes us up but doesnt give us the jitters as much, it still has caffeine but only 1/3 of what a cup of coffee has.

  • Auroraskye


    I take vitamin b12 and D3 supplements. My psych recommended a “super B-complex” vitamin can help with depression and anxiety based on studies, and B vitamins also help with energy.

  • gLlTCH5150


    Orange juice

  • kellbell


    Going outside first thing in the morning to get some sun and fresh air, stretch, and drink maybe some hot water with honey or something to add flavor.

  • blackwidowwannabe


    Vitamin B complex!

  • RinOW


    I wash my face with cold water and drink ice water as much as possible

  • Autonomous


    B vitamins are known to help, regular exercise is also known to help (as well as help with depression and anxiety) but I know that's a harder goal to maintain.

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