does anyone else struggle with eating like not eating the whole day the getting up at 3 and eating 5 bowls of cereal (i have been off adhd meds for a year and it’s been happening since then)

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Jadie


    Yeah honestly that type of situation is common for Ppl with ADHD. Its so annoying to me because I know I should eat but dont always know when or have the will to get food. I have to remind myself with notes and alarms to get myself to eat a decent amount and make it as easy as possible. Still trying but failing half the time though.

  • dogdad13


    If you can, when you do feel like making food you should try making a lot and do meal prep. That way it's more convenient to eat throughout the day

  • punkyduck


    Yeah I have ADHD and am autistic, eating issues are common for us because of impulse control but also because we can have issues sensing our hunger.

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