Hey I’m new here! So this is more of a general question but as of recently my therapist is thinking that I have bipolar disorder and not depressive disorder like she thought. I’m in the process of journaling my honest day to day activities so she can have data for my next couple appointments. I was wondering if any of you have experienced anything similar or have any advice to share as I go through this process?


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  • Adeline9


    hey keep doing what you’re doing! i hated being accused of having bi polar but there’s nothing wrong with being bi polar if that’s who you are, just be the best version of yourself, that you can be, and know that will be enough<3

  • jules_mary1


    Thank you! I appreciate that ❤️

  • PlutoPluto


    So I have bipolar disorder and depression. Recently diagnosed with the bipolar and after getting on meds for my bipolar my depression meds work better. It’s honestly great for me to be able to have a reason for why I am how I am but that’s just my experience

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