my grandma died what do I do now


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  • SharkBlood23


    Can you say a bit more? I'm not sure how I could give you advice on what to do.

  • Freelion


    Reach out for help and go to counseling now and learn how to process the loss right now rather than having to way later. I'm still dealing with losing my mom seven years later because I didn't allow myself to process the loss and grieve when I should have

  • LotusFlower


    What you do is grieve. It's heartbreaking to lose a loved one. But all of time on the planet is an hourglass. I'm sure your grandmother lived a very full life and you got to experience that life with her. So now, you grieve. You take time to cry, and scream, and sit in silence or however your process works for you. There is no time limit on grief. I still cry about losing my sister, and I recently just lost my brother. Both were older than me. So, now I'm officially the big sister for my younger brothers. But my dad isn't taking this process to grieve like he should. So when it hits him, our family knows it will be hard. But we have to take time. Time our choice to take things moment by moment.

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