How do you cope with social anxiety in the moment? I get so anxious and drained when I have to interact with a new person and I can feel myself shutting down.

Social Anxiety

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  • Lilly1


    Baby steps. Smile at them and see if that leads anywhere. That's what I do, and it seems to help a bit.

  • Ghost_Cat


    Focus on your breathing and try to focus on that instead of whatever thoughts are draining you. If you can't do that, try and focus on how things with this new person could go well instead of wrong. I also find that having something to fidget with as a quick distraction helps me!

  • lionsden


    allow yourself to tike time away if you need, like little breaks. if someone isn't okay with you stepping away for a moment, maybe tell them you need to use the bathroom and take that time to cool yourself down

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