Apathy has hit me really hard the past few days. What helps you care about things?


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  • Sid_vicious


    Reading old journal entries, the good and the bad ones, sparked something in me, not sure if you have something like that to try. Really sad movies or tv shows. Sometimes it can also be a side effect from antidepressants so be aware of that as well!

  • Gizmogrey


    I started a notebook. Every day, no matter how depressed I am, I write at least 5 positive things that I’m thankful for that day. Like today I was thankful for: 1. A warm home 2. Medications 3. The love of family Today I was only able to come up with 3, but that happens on bad days. It has helped me to stay focused on my positives more than the negatives.

  • lily234


    Thinking about the people I love

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