When feeling low how do you distract yourself


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  • Callahan


    When I feel yucky I practice a hobby or interest that I don't normally have time to do. Something that breaks the monotony of my schedule, whether just skimming through a comic I like or finding a cool looking video game to emerse myself in.

  • jolyne


    i play video games, read manga/comics/books, scrapbook, fill out a planner, do crossword puzzles, & color! :)

  • odinnadtsat


    listening to music, writing, singing, sleeping, cooking/baking, drawing

  • BennCupCake


    a lot of the stuff the other comments are saying and sometimes if I feel up to it I'll try and learn something new but I find that cuddling with my cats or my stuffed animals helps me the most

  • PeculiarSpiral


    Getting high, drawing, talks with myself, music. A lot!!

  • Syra


    Watching anime or painting and drawing. Playing with my cat or dog.

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