i dont know how there can be others that dont want to get better. i desperately want to be better but ut keeps getting worse


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  • Alexzeebra


    Don't give up.



    i know back when it was really bad for me and i didn't want you get better, it's because, even though it was hell, it was consistent and it was familiar. to me at the time, that felt a lot safer than the unknown of trying to get better. i'm not sure what convinced me to try, but i'm glad that i did.

  • Mommy_Whiteacre


    I always want to get better every person finds their own thing that motivates them in their own time keep pushing forward!!!

  • AllieRachel


    I think moreso the people who “don’t want to get better” have given up on getting better. Just don’t give up on trying to get better no matter how many bad days you have, no matter how long it takes. You’re gonna get knocked down all the time, we all do. You just need to get back up. Some people get sick of trying to get back up when they know they’re just going to get knocked down again, ya know?

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