hi, i have degenerative joint disease in my left knee. i used to take 75 mg of diclofenac, but i’m no longer allowed to take any NSAIDs since being diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism in april (i’m on blood thinners). tylenol doesn’t do anything for my pain. any other suggestions? i don’t wanna take opiates because i’m worried about addiction.
thanks xx

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  • Dust_In_A_Dress


    Have you tried a knee brace, or the newly available over the counter rub

  • jdubz


    i have three different types of knee braces and they don’t help a ton. i have my medical marijuana card so i’ve tried cbd/thc salves which i’ve found to be a little more helpful but still not great. other OTC topicals like asperceme or lidocaine just numb the skin instead of treating the joint pain. i get synvisc injections every 6 months since that’s what my insurance allows, but i need something to hold me over in between shots for day to day pain

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