how do you handle having a full time job? i just started my first one and i’m having trouble even staying awake throughout the day, and i almost fell asleep while driving this morning. is there anything that helps?

acute lethargy

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Zoey_Val


    I actually just quit mine about 10 months in as I couldn’t do it anymore my health got so bad. I really was hanging in there for a while though. I would recommend taking breaks throughout the day and even do some meditation if you can, stay hydrated and stand up and move around often if you are in a desk job. I can’t drink caffeine due to my conditions so that was a struggle as well. You can also look for remote jobs if that would help! It makes the work day a lot shorter and I struggle with driving as well due to extreme fatigue. Make sure that your health comes first and don’t be afraid to take it easy and use those PTO days and sick days if you can. I pushed myself so hard and that’s my biggest regret because I was worried about being laid off and I honestly doubt that would have happened if I had just taken it easy.

  • wishbone11


    i struggle with a lot of those same things, and find it hard to prioritize my health in this situation but i know that’s the only thing that will help! thanks for the ideas, i’ll definitely check with my boss if i can at least do a few days remote. i’ve just felt burnout coming on so fast. i’m glad you’re taking it easy and focusing on your well-being now! it can be really hard to keep the balance and will definitely be a learning curve for me

  • Livs26


    Just because you cant work for a time doesnt mean it will always be that way. Pots causes flares of symptoms. So if you take time off and get your symptoms under control with meds, endurance, and rest, you may be abke to return to work

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