I hate how reactive and mean I have become after the events that created my ptsd. it is extremely hard for me to control my frustration and anger

Chronic Restlessness and Agitation

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • NonbinarySlytherin


    Same here. ✋

  • LaveLavender10


    Sadly I can relate sometimes as well.

  • CandaceA


    I’ve dealt with this too unfortunately, I do go to therapy and I find the more I talk about it the less it seems to affect my anger and reactions

  • Liahra


    Same I've become rude I feel like to avoid people getting close to me and I hate it

  • ProdigyNT6


    I was diagnosed at age 6, so I don't remember how I reacted. Sometimes I get triggers though, where I close up and get extremely irritable and restless.

  • L0viatar


    I understand and can relate to this, frustration and impatience causes me to push people away.

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