I tried to relax and get back into normal things like stretching... before all of this I was passively active, I was on the track team for like 3 months because covid ruined everything but I was also flexible. And now... when I stretch (because I have lower back and neck pain) so I tried to stretch it out and just stretch out my body because I haven't done it in forever (To my surprise being bedridden and lazy for like a year I am still flexible, I can do splits, and touch my toes the whole shabang!) But when I stretch it worsens my pain... that has NEVER happend before and yes when you do something you haven't done in forever you're going to be sore and I've taken that into account and kept going but I can't barley stand or move my back after I stretch and mind you I'm doing LIGHT/BASIC stretches and most of the time I'm not even stretching my back. And guesses on what in the world is happening? ❤️

Neck Pain

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