Seeing all of these college emails that I have to reply to and have not yet building up is stressing me tf out 🥲

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  • heycamila


    do it little by little ! u got it 🤗

    • Princess.p


      exactly, set a goal to do just one. And if you feel like doing more then go for it - if not, do one again later

  • BulletproofRose


    Yup this is me every time I open my inbox! If I can psych myself up to open the computer, I start at the top and just read/respond to 5 and then I stop. I do that every day at the end of the the day to make sure I catch up a little at a time. If I get that "paralyzed" feeling like I can't do anything, my therapist recommended trying to just engage with the task in any way, no expectations. Just open the computer and look at the email list for a few minutes. Maybe you'll get motivated to actually read one, but if you don't you at least took the first step!

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