I have hereditary spherocytosis, its pretty mild (diagnosed at 16 or 17, but should have been at birth. my health improved before seeing a hemotologist). I never really understood how to handle this in terms of preventing an episode. Should I change my diet? Avoid blood thinners? When is this information relevant in a medical situation? is it a serious condition? I have so many questions, but nobody in my life has this and sometimes I get a doctor who doesn't know much about it. I've known about it for a few years, but its surprisingly hard to find info on.

Hereditary Hemolytic Anemias

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  • dryshoulder


    I have HS. I've never considered or been told to watch any of the things you mentioned. Except reducing salt. Hope to talk with you soon.

  • Roland


    I've been told my immune system is weaker after my splenectomy which was due to HS but that's it

  • meggiemay


    I have HS, had my spleen removed about 17 years ago. My hematologist just recently discovered I have extremely high platelet counts in December. Since then hes run every test under the moon not knowing if its due to my HS and lack of spleen, last week I had a bone marrow biopsy. Has anyone else had this issue?

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