Is it possible for our illness to progress despite medications? Can depression really be treatment resistant?

Bipolar Disorder


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  • daniellek01


    Bipolar can progress but that's a different story. The way your body metabolizes medication determines how quickly you become resistant to a medication. Depression can't really get resistant, per se, but your illness will continue to progress if your dose is too weak. There's so many classes of drugs out there now for bipolar that you may need to switch families of the type of meds if you ever did become resistant. I hope this helped ❤️

  • Celine


    Even on 8 different meds for mood stabilization and such I’m literally still in a breakthrough depressive episode currently. Like it is mild as hell compared to my usual depressive episodes but it’s still hard to bathe, take care of myself in any ways, do chores, go out in public, etc., but I’ve never been this stable before so I’m an advocate for meds all the way 🤗 hope this helps!

  • mynewfriend


    Yes, depression can be treatment resistant and it seems like medications for mood disorders reduce symptoms at this point don't really treat or cure the cause. Even on really effective drugs, I still have hints of mood cycles. I like to hope that this will eventually change but the causes of mood disorders are so complex and varied, I don't foresee our medications alone as being able to do significantly more for us (which is, for me, a life changing amount overall already) than they do presently. Just opinions.

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