ive been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder 4 years ago now, and it barely feels like ive improved. ive tried desensitation therapy and cbt and neither really helped for me. i feel extremely stunted in my social skills too, and with quarantine it seems like what little help i did get is gone. i can barely speak to people irl anymore. does anyone have any recommendations on how to help this?

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  • Kendoll


    Nothing worked for me until i started medication, i was on lexapro specifically. They dont work for everyone and should be used as a last resort, but it changed my life for the better. Quarantine set me back like crazy too!

  • peachtea


    Once I started taking Lexapro (they prescribed it for my anxiety and depression) I noticed after a while my anxiety got a lot better. I used to panic and hide behind a friend or family member when I tried to order food and now I can do it and I'm starting to get a little bit better with phone calls. I still sometimes go "selectively mute" for lack of a better phrase when a stranger talks to me unexpectedly most times though

  • ailand


    If you talk to people online a lot, it might be good to try easing back into socializing by practicing with people on the Internet. For instance, if you usually text, maybe try voice chatting instead. It can be pretty scary at first, but once you get used to it, it might help. Try to do social things that are exciting/interesting to you but push your limits a little bit, but not so much that you're terrified the entire time. (I know you said you tried desensitization therapy and this probably sounds like that, but this is more of something you can do at your own pace.) Taking deep breaths and reminding yourself that you're not in a life-or-death situation and that everything is fine could help during a rough moment. As for the medication: If you're interested in trying Lexapro, just let your doctor know or bring it up to your psych when you see them. I told my doctor that I was having anxiety issues and she prescribed me medication pretty quickly; though I have no idea how the process for Lexapro specifically works. If you're living with parents, just ask them about seeing the doctor--you can make up any excuse you like (or tell them the truth, it's up to you). Or, if you know you have a physical or a shot coming up soonish, you could wait until then to ask about it. Good luck with everything, and remember that there's always sunshine after the rain! ☀️

  • Lalisa


    Having a good support system like friends and family that motivate you and get out the house helps. 💕

  • jb13087


    We have selective mutism if there are times when you truly cant talk at all try using the text to speech thing on the phone or try using a speak board app it really helps us just ignore the people that stare bc theyre just being curious

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