what do you do to manage your Epilepsy? like self care wise?

Generalized convulsive epilepsy


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  • Momma_84


    What do you mean?

  • wisdom


    Like any apps? Or techniques to help just to recommend

  • Walking_Library


    Every day that is particularly hard epilepsy wise, I make sure to clear my schedule and use the rest of the day for self care. Tea, movies, face masks, anything that will make me happier despite the crappy circumstances.

  • Mady


    I always to do an activity that limits my stress levels. When they get too high my chances of having a seizure rise. Normally in the spring and summer I go for a walk around the neighborhood. In the fall and winter any crafty activity keeps my stress levels low.

  • catrina


    I take my medicine and I try to make some time for self care at least once a week every Friday. I'll just do what I feel like I want to do.

  • JessieBelle


    I make sure to take my medicine and try not to get too stressed. I avoid working overtime if possible.

  • roseyy


    I need to make sure to get a good amount of sleep. I don't do this well and supposedly this isn't a part of my epilepsy, but I have to take breaks from my screen. I need to stop scrolling endlessly. Having a sense of humor about it really helps. I have a shirt that says just fighting epilepsy and being a unicorn (and the unicorn is farting out the epilepsy awareness ribbon lol)

  • Loren986


    I try and find outlets for my stress or frustration like music or running, etc. I don't know if it matters but I also like to cook and keep a low carb diet

  • strugglebus


    I love the app Finch. It may seem silly at first, but it genuinely helps. If I'm having an off day, I take a nap in my most comfy spot (preferred couch in the sun), eat good brain foods (like salad with kale because it helps neurons fire faster), and small tasks if I HAVE to be productive that day, otherwise I try to refrain from doing things. Eating healthy stuff used to be my least favorite things, but it's such a noticeable difference. Like the salad, it's crazy I personally, feel it immediately, and then I drink lots of fruit smoothies

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