(TW: self harm and suicidal ideation)
I’m not sure if it’s just me, but does anyones parents just refuse to accept you because you’re mentally ill? I mean, they’re the reason I’m this way and they don’t want to take responsibility. I have to apologise to a mother who’s touched me inappropriately, domestically abused me and emotionally and mentally neglected me, publicly humiliated me and gaslights me. Now, she doesn’t even acknowledge I exist because OH I’m such an embarrassment. I’m trying to see what I have as a stepping stone into my healing journey, but I can’t when I’m attached to people someone who couldn’t care less if I was alive or not. She is literally one of my only reasons I want to kms, and she knows this. Does she care? No. When things get tough, she gives up. Well I’m not about to give up on myself.


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  • MochiMo


    I feel for you. And don’t know how you would like me to respond but just know that your not alone.

  • allie.the.spoonie


    i had to move out early from my parents house very abruptly with my things packed in trash bags. i got away and things were horrible for a while, but the distance gave me the ability to process the trauma. i’m not sure what your situation is exactly, but i hope you find a path

  • Wimdy


    As a person with all those things minus sexually abused by my mother, it sucks it doesn't stop sucking but most importantly she won't always be so present in your life. She'll never change I mean look at what she's done and has no remorse. Expect nothing from her, you don't need her or her approval She'll ever change so just act as you and expect nothing from her

  • Luluu


    I struggled with this so much when I lived in my parents house and the best thing has been me being able to move out. Moving out sets physical boundaries that a lot of people understand without having to announce them, I moved three hours away so anytime my parents want to come I have time to prepare.

  • Emma_4


    When I told my step mom I thought I was anorexic she said tht I was being stubborn and being a follower.(She consistently saw me struggling to eat and has seen me make myself throw up) To this day she still continues to over serve me and say I'm stubborn

  • XCxsmic.CalamityX


    I feel this very much towards my parents, I was raised by narcissists who, because they were high on meth, couldn't see that I was being molested for two years as a child.

  • Cici_Njuguna


    @CalebM see my friend reported me being beat up by her and my mom made me rehearse what I said to DHR! She made me lie to them because she wanted to save her “law career”.

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