For those whose pain is affected by the weather, is you’re pain worse when clouds/rain/snow moves in or when it’s clearing up?

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  • Vitula


    When it's moving in

  • Y0g1


    Any kind of pressure system change takes me out (normally via migraines) but wind seems to be worst of all- trying to go out if there is strong wind is my personal hell- I have ear pain for hours after and can’t seem to find solutions to the pain it causes

  • AudaCity


    We get worse pain due to the changes in atmospheric pressure that weather changes bring! It's awful and I hate it. Its usually when the weather system moves in and also when it's returning to normal.

  • Jubilee87


    Yes, cold weather is the worst for me, and extreme heat.

  • RPF


    Any weather changes especially rain/snow really make my pain horrible. So spring and fall is extremely difficult. I live in the Midwest so the weather changes like every 4 hours so it’s so difficult and unfortunately my oldest daughter (17 years old) was just diagnosed with lupus and she has the same experiences. I really wish we could seriously look at moving to a dry heat state.

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