how did you feel when you were told you had multiple personality disorder?


Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Mirage13


    For the longest time, I didn't even think I had DID. When I started to learn more from folks that experienced it and I related to a lot of what they were saying, my awareness started to shift. It was actually really difficult for me to think I had been living my life this way and I found when I would confront it, I felt a deep, painful fracturing within myself. It's been a few weeks since I've been diagnosed. It was suggested I journal who my parts are to figure out their wants and the reason they came into being. Doing that really set me at ease and I began to think "Wow, my brain is really amazing. It did a lot to protect me." I know everyone's experience with DID is different, so that won't be the case for everyone. But it has put me at ease to frame it in this way. It's still hard and I'm still navigating it, but having a name to what I experience has allowed me to figure out how I can better live with it.

    • Kimberly1984


      thankyou I need to keep journaling and figure out my personalities

  • Magpi


    Honestly I freaked out. There wasn't much of a DID community at the time and I had only seen a few "Insane villain" portrayals on TV so I panicked that I was "properly crazy" and I had only wanted help with my depression. So I stopped seeing my therapist and went into deep denial for like 5/6 years? I Don't recommend that approach.

  • Zzack53


    I didn't believe it I didn't want to I felt like it would ruin my life and I would never be happy again but I was in a really low time I just thought everyone was lying that I was just daydreaming that if I told anyone or got help they would thinking am faking and would hate me I don't think the same anymore as I got help

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