trying to figure out what specifically this one emotion is. somewhere between anxious and sad and stressed? my muscles feel tense and theres pressure behind my eyes, and i get irritable with every little thing. focusing is also more difficult

Acute Anxiety

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  • not_b00bs


    it sounds to me like you're overwhelmed. try to go easy on yourself today

  • _Robbie_


    Just bad stress and anxiety. You're overwhelmed

  • Heidi_Black


    Some ways I feel better after feeling that emotion is drinking water, staying on top of my meds/ vitamins and minerals, going outside for some sunlight, walking, or taking a nap! Being human is hard, you’re beautiful in all your imperfections and you are always worthy of your own love and the love of those around you - whether they show it or not. Take time to give yourself a hug today. 💛🙏🏻

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