Is cervical involvement with PsA really that uncommon in early stages of the disease? I've had awful headeaches, nerve pain, and neck pain for years now, progressively getting worse. My doctor said "oh it doesn't affect your cervical spine until it's way more progressed" but my primary doctor (who has RA) said that it could. Neither my rheumatologist or neurologist have done an MRI for it yet and I'm really just trying to figure out if that's what I need to push for.


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  • Nimbus


    Do you get treatment? I don’t think that involvement of your neck affects the way of treatment. So, if you’re already diagnosed with PsA and you getting the treatment you need, that’s the most important thing.

  • coffeeandcuddles


    yes I'm being treated for the PsA! I think my concern moreso is that the neurologist keeps trying different treatments that seem to make things worse most of the time. But I also don't know for certain that it is PsA so I worry if I don't try my neurologist's suggestions, I won't get better 😅

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