I hate having to make phone call, order food or do anything similar, anyone else this way? i even get clammy and shake

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • GlamRock


    We get like this alot, it's to where we have to write down what to say so we don't break down, it's more anxiety inducing than social interaction lol

  • EliotWaugh


    Yes! Recently I’ve been feeling a little better about it by making myself “just do it” and not thinking so much beforehand. Because we can’t know exactly what the person is going to say it’s hard to plan everything before, but having my opening line planned is the best help. It’s particularly hard because I struggle to understand what people are saying or what they mean sometimes, particularly if they have a strong accent. I just keep apologizing and asking them to repeat themselves or rephrase their question.

    • jellyforspongebob


      me too!

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