hey all, so to be completely vulnerable about some things in life here...my marriage quite literally almost ended a few months ago, but my husband and I are working on things. when things weren't going great between him and I, I started coming out to myself and others about my gender identity and began to feel free in that. my husband and I dont fully see eye to eye on the gender identity I choose to identify with and it's hard for me to figure out what the best move is to make. I've tried talking about it with him and he tells me he respects me in that, but I feel like he doesn't. you see, I am a female by birth, but identify as nonbinary. my husband's major hesitation with accepting me as nonbinary is that he doesn't think it's okay in terms of Christianity (we are church goer believers). does anyone have suggestions on what to do? can anyone relate? also thanks for reading this rant.


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  • GoldenFume


    I'm not siding with anything, but Christianity has been quite a subject lately. I've seen belief systems tear into what make people... well themselves. Nowhere in the bible does it state that we as people have to confine ourselves to a single label. When we do what helps us, then it helps us. It helps inhibit what could be some pretty bad things to us and more. If whoever a person decides to be doesn't fit in heaven then we weren't meant for it in the first place. There's somewhere better.

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